Nato, block the sky over Ukraine!

Dear World,
We are Ukrainian! We live in Ukraine and had EVERYTHING for Happiness in our country, and could still have if you help us to stop this terrible war!
We didn’t ask anyone for help, no one asked us to “save”!
The Whole World, please, let’s not break children’s dreams. They dream about Peace in the world!
Let’s save their lives, our Ukrainian Army has been fighting for them for a long time, but we need your help, support and real Actions!
We really appreciate your help, you have already helped and are helping us a lot, for what we are very grateful!
But we Need tougher and more radical measures and REAL ACTIONS to end the war!
We also defend your borders from the war now! Stop the world aggressor! If not, you could be next …
We beg you!

Citizens of Russia, #russia
Go to rallies, protests, change your regime, otherwise – the whole world will refuse you.

Our lives are divided into Before and After… and this is, unfortunately, forever…
Pain….despair… hatred that inflames more and more every day…
But We are Ukrainians – we will survive, we will win, we will rebuild our country!
We are a country of happy people, we are invincible, we are worthy, we are real, we are sincere, we fight to the last for our own, we are for truth and justice, we are for the World Peace!

Please help Ukraine, our children, we are sure, you have them too! ❤️🙏💙💛

We believe in Ukraine! 🇺🇦
We believe in our defenders, our Heroes!! 💪
We believe in your help!#stoprussia#stopputin

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